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The relentless, heart-pounding adventure of two young men who, in the face of the darkest and cruelest corners of humanity, hold tightly to resilience and the power of family to overcome against all odds

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Imagine watching your hometown fall deeper and deeper into the hands of ruthless, heavily armed cartel thugs, until even the police are working for the cartel. You see severed heads of guys you once knew impaled on spikes in the park where you once had family gatherings.


What was their crime? They refused to join the cartel.

You eek out an existence in the shadows, trying not to be noticed, until the day you’ve been dreading finally arrives: the day you are told that if you don’t join the cartel, it will be YOUR head on a spike. But you don’t want that life - you don’t want to be a murderer. You refuse, even though it means death.


Now you’re on the run. Nowhere is safe. And it's not only you but your entire family that’s now in danger.


That’s when you have to decide your fate. That’s when you announce: “If I have to choose between joining the cartel and death... then I choose America!”

You and your cousin hide in the trunk of a car going north. In the ancient Aztec region, north is the direction of darkness, the path to Mictlán, the Land of the Dead. Are you awaiting death in America? Or are you already dead? These are your thoughts as this surreal nightmare adventure unfolds.

Imagine you’ve had to ride for hundreds of miles in the trunk of a car, only to arrive at a hot, dusty border town teeming with hundreds of people who, just like you, are trying to escape the violence. The border is a kind of purgatory, and only those with the right amount of cash can proceed. You find another way... a path less known, but more dangerous. It means wandering in the desert for days without food, and fighting off hallucinations and despair. But you still have hope.


You find a road where a man in a new white pickup offers you a job on a ranch. But when you get there, you find it is a slave labor camp surrounded by an electric fence. You work at gunpoint. You discover a dead body. You witness planes bringing drugs to the ranch. You can’t sleep because of nightmares.


A miracle happens: a once-in-a-decade lightning storm gives you the chance to escape! With Valente, a fellow inmate, and a ferocious guard dog whom you’ve befriended, you and your cousin form a team, and ride in a boxcar to San Antonio! But local gang members are already there and they are looking for you.

Imagine your dismay when you realize that the same cartel that destroyed your hometown is also set up in San Antonio, El Paso, and Houston - as well as cities all over America! Slavery is not dead, but has been reinvented by the cartel and its American allies. You’ve made a terrible mistake - you assumed that cartels only operate in Mexico!

You are being hunted - not only by the cartels - but by immigration as well. Everywhere you turn ICE officers are grabbing people like you.

You run harder and faster than ever, searching for America!

confirmed cast

Helen Hunt

Known for:

  • As Good as It Gets (1997)

    • Academy Award-Winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Twister (1996)

  • Mad About You (1992-2019)

  • Cast Away (2000)


Bitsy notices Delfino’s suffering and helps him, offering him a job, even a place to stay. Bitsy’s mind is blown when she learns Delfino’s story of cartel violence that exists right in her native Texas. Practical and tough, Bitsy forms a plan to save Delfino and reunite him with Salvador and Valente. When the day is saved, Bitsy adopts the boys and celebrates new traditions with her new family.

Giovanna Zacarias

Known for:

  • The Legend of Zorro (2005)

  • On the Road (2012)

  • Ramona (2014)

  • Salvation U.S.A. (2012)


Esperanza is a wild, passionate bohemian woman, and is the den-mother to a gang of fun-loving outcasts. When Delfino stumbles into their hangout, he must explain himself, which endears him to Esperanza. She offers to help the boys on their journey, even though they are wanted by the cartel - a choice that comes with terrible consequences.

Fernando Paez


A precocious 17-year-old with a talent for language, Delfino is impulsive, passionate, and innocent. Despite his small stature, Delfino boldly stands up to the murderous Los Rojos Cartel. Delfino speaks his native Nahuatl, as well as Spanish, and English, but despite his talents, he still lacks intuition and street smarts, which land him in trouble again and again. Ultimately, it is his innocence and honesty that endear him to Bitsy, who helps rescue him.

Dermot Mulroney

Known for:

  • My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

  • August: Osage County (2013)

  • Young Guns (1988)

  • The Family Stone (2005)


A former soldier and Texas Ranger, Commander McCollough answers Bitsy’s call for help when the cartel showdown turns violent. He initially sees Delfino as just another “illegal” but quickly realizes that Delfino has information that can solve a long-running mystery.

Danny Trejo

Known for:

  • Machete (2010)

  • From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

  • Machete Kills (2013)

  • Heat (1995)


A figure of stoicism and peace among the prisoners, Uncle José is impressed by Delfino’s innocence, and offers him wisdom to help him survive the slave camp. Delfino and Salvador take care of Uncle José, helping him with the torturous labor they are forced to do. Always optimistic, Uncle José shares his secret for how to escape the camp with the boys.

Sal Lopez

Known for:

  • Full Metal Jacket (1987)

  • Logan (2017)

  • Man on Fire (2004)

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)


Wise and generous, Grandfather gives all his savings to help Delfino and Salvador escape. Grandfather leaves an indellible impression on the family with his explanation of what happens after we die. Though his life is lost at the hands of the cartel, his spirit lives on at the Day of the Dead celebration.

Julio Macias.jpeg

Known for:

  • On my Block (2018)

  • Young Dario (2022)


Handsome, stylish, and cool, Valente is more sophisticated than the average prisoner in the slave camp. Impressed by Delfino’s honesty, he quickly bonds with Delfino and Salvador, working together with them to escape the camp. Valente’s confident swagger and street smarts are vital as the three fugitives attempt to survive in Texas.

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Brave and fierce, Tlashteki becomes a loyal friend to Salvador after Salvador saves him from Slick’s Shotgun blasts. Tlashteki returns the favor by rescuing Salvador from Lázro. Tlashteki and Salvador form a spiritual bond, allowing them to communicate, which allows them to defeat Boss in the end.

UNconfirmed cast


A tall, broad-shouldered boy, whose size and physical strength belies his young age of 17. Deeply spiritual, Salvador sometimes is assumed to be disabled because of his distant, serene expression. Speaking only Nahuatl, Salvador is dependent on Delfino to speak for him, even when it goes against Salvador’s instincts. Though he rarely speaks, his power of intuition extends even to animals -which allows him to befriend the guard dogs and escape from the slave camp.


(8 days)

Teresa is Delfino’s sister, who finds herself all alone after the Cartel kills their grandfather. Teresa’s desperate hope is to see the boys safe on their dangerous journey. When the family has reunited again, Teresa leads the Day of the Dead Ceremony, uniting their family with Bitsy.


(9 days)

Commanding, and self-assured, Boss appears to be a godsend for the lost and starving boys. Boss generously offers Delfino and Salvador food, and work on his ranch. Boss’s good-natured façade quickly fades, however, as they get closer to the “ranch” - Boss tricks them into slavery. After the boys escape, Boss will lead the cartel thugs on a relentless manhunt across Texas, culminating in the showdown with Texas Rangers.